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Malta Gozo Guide (maltagozoguide.com) has been around for quite a while, being publicly available (circa. archive.com) up to 2009!

In 2024, the website has been acquired by chardtech.com. Chardtech aims to transform Malta Gozo Guide, with the spearheading effort of our independent author Chris, into an informative guide to everything related to Malta and Gozo!

About Our Company

Chardtech is first and foremost a digital marketing group. You can find more information about us by clicking this link!

Our independent author Chris spearheads the development of articles and blogs on Malta Gozo Guide along with a team of freelancers who share his vision! Here you can find more information about Chris! Chris works independently from Chardtech and handles article creation on his own unbiased merits.


We always strive to keep our articles and blogs authentic and bias free!

Real Engagement

Since our acquiring company is a digital marketing group, our articles are created to be fun and engaging for our readers!

Unique Stories

We always try our best to cover a range of different topics in Malta Gozo Guide and every article is created from scratch to be fully unqiue!

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Independent Writer

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Maltese Archipelago!